Examples of work

Basic Inventory

Wide-angle photograph of dining room
At least three wide-angle photographs of each room are included in the Basic Inventory. They provide a reference for the layout of the room and its contents, to provide context for the more detailed photographs of items in the room.

Close-up of upright piano, showing maker's decal
More detailed photographs of each room's furniture and other contents record identifying features such as the maker's decal, providing a clear and precise record of what was present in the home.

Close-up of miniatures collection in case
Collections that are already arranged for display can be effectively documented by Basic Inventory photographs.
Open display cabinet containing china and collectibles
A Basic Inventory includes photos recording the contents of cabinets, closets, drawers, and shelves, as visible without rearrangement of the items. A wide shot of the entire cabinet provides context for close-ups of its contents.

Close-up of doll collection on display cabinet shelf
Close-up photos of each shelf document the contents in detail so they can be clearly identified.

Comprehensive or Customized Inventory

Detailed photos of specific items or collections may be arranged as part of a Comprehensive or Customized Inventory. These photos can include close-up views to record details and engravings, photos from multiple angles, and/or photos requiring rearrangement of the items.

Silverware collection laid out on black background
Laying out this set of silverware on a contrasting background makes it far easier to identify the type and number of pieces than if they were photographed without rearrangement in a drawer.


Scanning of old family photos and documents helps to preserve valuable family history for future generations, especially when captions are included to identify the subject and context of the photo.

Portrait of a soldier in his military uniform
Fred Tanner, Jr., in his military uniform.
Portrait of little girl from 1905
Julia Evers Beermann at age 3, on Nov. 12, 1905, in Atlanta, GA.
Newspaper clipping
News clipping about Fred Tanner, Sr., uncovering a Civil-War-era shell while plowing with his mule.

Memory Books

Heritage Books

Handwritten label on piece of furniture
This handwritten label recording the provenance of a dresser is itself an interesting piece of family history, one already starting to deteriorate from age. A photograph in a Heritage Book (perhaps accompanied by a transcription of the text) can preserve it for future owners of the piece.