Memory and Heritage Books

Memory Book page showing four generations of a family together

Memory Books collect family photos and other scannable mementoes, along with captions. They make wonderful gifts for those who would rather have a record of shared memories than more “stuff” and also serve as wonderful memory aids for loved ones and records of family history.

Heritage Books are catalogs of family heirlooms and cherished possessions using a combination of detailed photographs and written descriptions. They serve as a wonderful tool for passing on family history and assisting in estate planning.

All Memory and Heritage Books include a physical copy in a spiral-bound book and a digital copy on a USB flash drive.

Memory Books

Customer-submitted photos and other scannable mementoes will be scanned and included in a spiral-bound book, along with customer-submitted captions.

The customer will be provided with a physical file box to organize the content to be scanned into chapters and sections (originals will be returned after scanning). Within each section, individual scanned photographs and their captions will be laid out to fit the pages.

Click here to see examples of Memory Book pages.

Heritage Books

Heritage Books can be made from customer-submitted photos and documents, from new photos taken as part of a Customized Inventory, or from a combination of the two. Written comments can explain details such as the history of an item and its significance to the family. Blank space for additional comments may be included by request.

Click here to see examples of Heritage Book pages and photos.


The introductory cost for a Memory Book or Heritage Book starts at $20, plus $1.25 per page. Additional copies will be available at a reduced price.