Photographic Home Inventory Services
Rachel d'Entremont, Owner, Aiken SC

For the Record Inventories offers home owners, small business owners, and renters peace of mind by providing a record of property so that in the event of a loss, the owner will be able to collect from his insurance company all that is due. A tragedy should not be magnified by lack of documentation but that is often the case. Whether fire, burglary, or natural disaster, documentation can assist in filing insurance claims.

Basic Inventory

A basic photographic inventory includes at least three photographs of each room; individual photos of special furnishings; the contents of cabinets, closets, drawers, and shelves; the contents of garages, sheds, accessible attics, and basements.

Comprehensive Inventory

A more comprehensive photographic inventory would include detailed photographs of collections, jewelry, silver, and other items requested by the owner in addition to the basic inventory.

Additional Services

In addition to photographic inventories, a written inventory listing items, their sources, purchase price, and other information provided by the owner can be arranged.

How can an inventory be used?

  • As a basis to file insurance claims in the event of a loss
  • In planning for distribution of an estate
  • To provide documentation prior to a move
  • To provide documentation of items being stored
  • To assist in separation of assets
  • To determine if insurance coverage is adequate
  • To help identify recovered property

Assistance with post-loss listing of contents is available.


Certified appraisals by Nugent Appraisal Service are available at very reasonable prices.


The cost of an inventory will depend on the size of the building, the density of the contents, the level of detail requested, and the manner of presentation. The charge for a basic inventory for a 2500 sq. ft. home with average density of contents would be in the $400-450 range. Free estimates are available and the level of detail may be upgraded during the inventory.